Earn competitive yields while being risk-off

OCASH grows while other stablecoins are stagnant, at best.

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The OCASH smart contract pools capital and automatically routes it to a diversified set of conservative DeFi strategies. Earnings are converted into OCASH and added to every wallet balance.
  • Reward Fees
  • AMM Trading Fees
  • Liquidity Mining Rewards

Reward Fees

The protocol routes your USDT, USDC, and BUSD to blue chip DeFi protocols to generate yield.
Funds allocation is governed weekly by community vote.
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Automated Market Maker Trading Fees

Trading fees are generated by supplying stablecoin liquidity to Curve.
Impermanent loss is minimized while LP fees and rewards are maximized.
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Liquidity Mining Rewards

AAVE, COMP, CRV and CVX are accrued and converted to stablecoins for additional yield.
Yield is distributed automatically as more units of OCASH. There’s no need to actively manage your position.
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