Earn a Safer Yield with a Transparent Stablecoin $OCASH. Staking,Farming and Defi.


Actual 14.49% APY  per year

Start earning immediately by converting your BUSD,USDT and USDC to OCASH


A Fully Transparent Stablecoin that Earns a Yield from DeFi

Earn passively with full control

OCASH grows in your wallet while you maintain custody of your funds. Yields are generated automatically through open-source, on-chain yield farming strategies.

Move OCASH like any other token

There’s no need to unwind complicated positions when you want to transfer OCASH. No staking or locking is required.

Stable price, increasing supply

OCASH is pegged to BUSD. Returns are distributed as additional units of OCASH. See your balance grow every day as yield is generated.

Exchanges and Partners

Get the best price on OCASH using our DApp. OCASH Swap compares prices and gas costs across Curve, Pancakewap, and other smart contracts. You can also buy and sell OCASH on several centralized exchanges (Coming Soon).